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Enduring The COVID Era

Here we are, 2021. One year ago this month, we were mandated to shut down due to the global pandemic known as COVID19. We were closed for 100 days. 100. During those days, many waves of emotions ran through us. Our small business that we poured our hearts and souls in, was now in jeopardy, not because of anything we were in control of, but because a virus from the other side of the globe had created a medical emergency world wide. Unsure of how long this phase would last, unsure if we had the funds or the endurance to withstand the closure, we kept going, day in and day out. 100 of those days.

Reopening had its challenges, from PPE requirements, new safety measures and the question "would people even come back'?

June 17, 2020 we reopened the bar and the gym. Nation statistics showed only 30% of gym goers would return. Our Smoothie Bar relies heavily on the gym foot traffic for our sales.

August 2020, we had 50% return. Better than average, still not good enough to make ends meet. But here we are, March 2021, membership up to 75%, vaccinations fast tracked, our bar is surviving. Our gym is surviving.

Looking ahead to summer 2021, knowing we've made it through the hardest part (we hope), brighter days are ahead.

Our Smoothies are the best you will find in the area, our juice the freshest, and our staff the most knowledgable and we care about you, our clients, our customers and offer the best for health!

Visit us, you won't be disappointed.

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