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Nutrition Coaching

Individual Nutrition Coaching specific to your goals and your life! 

Packages start at $129/month

Call for details and consultation! 


Vegetables and Herbs

About Me

Dina Cateno - Certified Nutrition Coach

I've always been interested in personal health and wellness. I was raised in a family where natural remedies were the norm. When I began in bodybuilding competitions, I was amazed at what nutrition could accomplish. My husband, Brett, and I then opened Fuel, our smoothie bar, where we like to experiment with recipes and healthy lifestyle ideas. We offer our ideas and nutritional guidelines to our gym members and customers. Our goal is for everyone to live a happy and healthy life.


I then decided to get serious and earn my nutrition certification. This lead to my fascination with women's hormone health, and I am still earning certificates in that specialty. I have had a lot of health issues in my earlier years that I believe could have been solved with proper food education and understanding the relationship between food and body.


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