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Welcome to our world! Fuel Cafe is a Cateno & Calabrese collaboration!

Brief Bio: 

Dina Cateno, General Manager of Energy Health & Fitness; NASM Certified Nutrition Coach; ASCM Health & Wellness Master Certification.


Brett Cateno, Director of Training of Energy Health & Wellness;  AFFA Certified Professional Trainer.

Brett and Dina, along with our "crew" a few integral staff members and our kids, welcome you to our "cafe"!  We live and love the fitness world, training and nutrition provides us with a solid base of health for our bodies and minds as we raise our four kids in this crazy world! We are excited to share this part of our life with you as well as well as our community and the new court house just next door! 




There is little in this life we can control.  Health is one thing you can not borrow or steal.  You can control your lifestyle!  Clean eating and exercise will help keep you healthy and vibrant to do the things in your life that you value.  

We want to help you get to your goals.  Handcrafting delicious and healthy smoothies, juices and providing nutritious meals will help you to FUEL your day. Whether it's your workday or your work out, we've got you covered!

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